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Next Year in Binyamin!

Every Rosh Hashona we say “Next Year in Jerusalem”. This year, let us really say it with conviction & actually plan our Aliya a few weeks before next Rosh Hashona! Join the Summer 2015 AliyaGarin (Group) for Direct Aliya2Binyamin. Choose where to live close to the City of Jerusalem, but enjoy quiet Shabbatot & Festivals in the countryside!

Sign up on our non-commital questionnaire below. Don’t blow your chances to join us (personal commitment to the first 10 Families to register)!

Aliya2Binyamin – Aliya B’Simcha!

Since 1999, I have helped English-speaking Families from USA, Great Britain & South Africa to come on Direct Aliya to Communities in Yehuda & Shomron with individual attention for each Family with Direct Contact with an English-speaker from a Community in the Yehuda/ Shomron / Binyamin!

We seek connections with all Potential English-speaking Olim & welcome families to contact us particularly from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Great Britain, & USA.

Our Simple Successful Method — 1 on 1 — slowly but surely!

Also we believe the importance not only to just bring these Olim on Aliya, but also to make sure that they stay ! (good absorption).

The Unique Aliya2Binyamin Aliya Method:

1. Direct e-mail contact 24/6 (but not on Shabbat) between a Potential Oleh with a Member of a Community in Binyamin Area in English!

2. Personal Pilot Trips give a Real Chance to experience life in our Communities in Binyamin Area. Option of planning your own Personal Pilot Trip whenever is good for you OR coming on the Group Purim Pilot Trip.

3. Airport pick-up and return when possible

4. Meetings with English Speakers

5. Scenic trip around the area & other Trips

6. Lectures on Aliya-related Topics

7. Activities for children

8. Accommodations arranged including 3 Shabbat Meals

9. Adoptive family

10. Pilot trip tailor made for your particular needs

The pilot trip is aimed for two types of families:

1. Families who wish to make Direct Aliya by Summer 2015.

2. English speaking families already living in Israel who wish to move to a family orientated Community in the heartland of Israel.

To be able to set up an Ulpan we need a Garin (Group) of 10 Families to come on Aliya at about the same time to one particular Community (possibility to move after Ulpan!) & all with a similar standard of Hebrew – be it Beginner’s or High Level.

Click the button below to check your Aliya possibilities summer 2015.

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